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Morgan’s Story

I’m gratefully in my own 20+ year active recovery process of having participated in the harm white bodied supremacy causes via having froze, submitted and fawned to its ways. I’m also actively practicing decreasing the activation of my fight-and-flee response when called into integrity regarding those responses. I’ve chosen to utilize the layers by which I’m protected from systems of violence (including ableism, racism, educational elitism, cisnormativity, etc.) to be an embodied peace-activator within the health care, public health, and social services realms.

Simultaneamente, I am dedicated to the transparent vulnerability of using the power of my embodied survivorship, or the ways in which I’ve not been protected from systems of violence (including queerphobia, transphobia, sexism, misogyny and capitalism), to shed light on the embodied and relational nuances of the impacts of systems of oppression.

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Here’s a breakdown of my professional capacity…

Hola a todxs, hi there y’all, my name is Morgan Lee Vanderpool. I am a white, non-binary, queer, billingual (Spanish/English) and multicultural clinical social worker, trauma sensitive movement and breath facilitator, professional trainer, and activist. I’m deeply committed to neuroscientifically-grounded and mycelially-guided embodiment practices that support our collective disengagement from white-body-supremacy, and which foster opportunity for anti-oppressive and trauma sensitive connection with every breath, movement, choice, thought and word.


I’ve been in the social work field since 2007, when I graduated from University of California San Diego with my BA in Human Development, with minors in Latin American Studies and Dance. I have been specializing in embodiment-based approaches to resolving complex trauma since 2011. I graduated with my Master in Social Work in 2013 from University of Washington, Tacoma. I have been practicing as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) since 2016, and I am a WA state sponsored supervisor for folx seeking licensure. For a complete CV, please click here.


I’m super grateful to be in collaboration with a world-wide network of trauma sensitive movement and breath facilitators through my work with a modality called Trauma Center-Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TC-TSY). I was certified in this model in 2014, and have connected with the community through facilitating trainings in TC-TSY as a neuroscientific pathway to anti-oppressive practice since 2015, in Latin America, the Carribean and the western United States. And maybe most importantly, my understanding of relationships is grounded in having lived and loved in communities highly impacted by U.S. colonialism and cross border capitalism and militarization having learned deeply about, and been in relationship with, survivorship in Spanish and English since a young teen.


I was trained as a evidence based, mind-dominant, white as-fuck trauma specialist and I am actively and gratefully deconstructing those paradigms and regenerating/metamorphosizing into a mycelium-inspired choreographer of collective nervous system restoration.


Overall, I am deeply honored to accompany survivors of the complex trauma caused by interlocking systems of oppression in our individual and collective process of body-based restoration, resistance, resilience and r/evolution.


If you’re interested in exploring more of who I am as a whole human, and the values/paradigms I operate from, please click here.