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Copy of Copy of Copy of MVP - Anti Oppre

Our body’s survivorship has been silenced repeatedly by systems of oppression, and its llantos, signals, and badass survivorship requires center stage for us to move forward collectively, inter-connected. Sigamos adelante!


My work is built around that interconnection. It’s about integrating the neurological and mechanical functions of our bodies and how they are in interdependent relationship with our individual and shared superviviencia of white body supremacy, as well as our capacity to create individual and collective transformation and resiliencia.


This work is necessary because if we aren’t actively connected to, or effectively accessing the foundational mechanics de nuestros sistemas nerviosos, our bodies will continue to replicate relational systems that have a high probability of keeping systems of oppression in place.


At baseline, though, the tools we have for doing anti-oppressive work and creating change are our bodies and how we connect with them, relacionalmente.


Y el clave aqui, es que our systems of survival and resiliencia are 85% connected from body to brain, and 15% mente a cuerpo.

To effectively engage the 85% body-to-brain communication, it’s our collective responsibility to learn the layered and intersectional impacts of complex trauma on our bodies, nervous systems, brain function, and relationships, which most of our educational and professional training leave out.


When we center the body in trauma restoration work, we gain access to 85% of our power to heal, and to 85% of the conversation guiding our moment-to-moment survivorship experience of interlocking systems of oppression. Gratefully, by keeping nervous system work at the center of anti-oppressive work we can distill our focus to the functionality of our five survival responses, offering unprecedented simplicity and efficacy in creating the foundation for anti-oppressive work.


And fear not, the information you are seeking can easily be found on our Access page.