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An Origin Story


Take a moment to acknowledge that we are still here, still breathing. Todavia vivxs, we humans, are some badass survivors. We are resilient. Yet if we had a collective relationship status, it would be, “it’s complicated…”


This is partly because the restoration of our individual and collective nervous systems is complicated, too. In order to survive, we create survival patterns that create ripe environments for us to replicate trauma patterns.


Trauma has always existed, though. It has been around as long as humans have been on this planet. And we have collectively been surviving and participating within the systems of violence that make trauma possible. Nuestros cuerpos do a miraculous amount of moment to moment wiring and firing on our behalf to assure that we take our next breath, pa’ que sigamos adelante.


Our nervous systems are built to keep us alive, and to protect us, and we have been genetically equipped by those who have come before us, nuestros ancestros, to fight, flee, freeze, submit and/or fawn to the prominent sources of violence around us.


In particular, we address systems of violence centered on violence caused by white-body supremacy and capitalistic commodification of bodies and nature.

But how do we address those systems of violence?

We work toward trauma resolution. All of the work we do here, together, is trauma resolution and it’s built off the origin story above. We trace our trauma back to the causal factors, el raiz del problema, to solve our problems. Luckily, that root structure is within us. It’s our body’s nervous system.

The challenge is, we’ve gotta feel the depth of the roots to heal. That includes recognizing that we’ve survived through “not feeling,” or disconnecting, unplugging, or disassociating ourselves from feeling the shared, lived reality of our species and our planet as a whole.


Gratefully, our nervous systems perceive everything, brilliantly, including the violence of white-bodied supremacy, multiplied by capitalism and colonialism. This violence is perpetuated by the ways in which we don’t pay attention to the violence we can perceive in a sustainable enough way to collectively activate for peacemaking.


Let’s talk about the ways we can pay more attention, a.k.a. better understand, our embodied survivorship to move forward, together.

Methods & Ideologies

We practice creating a reconciliatory relationship with our survival responses, which are wired by the brilliance and adaptability of our nervous systems. This “honoring” foundationally shifts our narrative from one that pathologizes the symptomatology of having survived complex trauma, or interlocking systems of oppression, to one that centers the badassery of our survivorship.


This shift towards empowerment and resilience begins by learning how our breath, movement, and brain firing-patterns can complicity keep us locked into cycles of violence, or move us towards co-liberation. Thankfully, our survival responses are predictable, and thus mappable, and we have the agency and neuroplasticity on our side to wire them for connection, restoration, resilience and sustainable r/evolution.


We Map our body sensations as a guide by using a six-step process that cultivates an anti oppressive relationship with our self, our body, and others. Those steps are:


                  Notice . Feel. Choose. Move. Co-Activate. R/evolve

We clearly identify the impact of systems of violence, putting violence caused by white-body supremacy and capitalistic commodification of bodies and nature on-blast. Through this naming, we also give equitable deference to the density of survivorship of the above systems.


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Let’s Talk About Accountability

Let’s take a quick moment to remember that everyone is impacted by, and connected with, these systems of oppression. We’re led to believe that within these systems, some of us are victims of violence and others aren’t. This is a false binary. We are ALL victimized by systems of oppression in proportion to our positionality.


What we mean here is that the parts of our identity which are protected by systems of oppression are still surviving those systems through freezing, submitting or fawning to them. Thus, we unintentionally perpetuate and participate in furthering their existence. Myself included.

To achieve the kind of “big-picture” inclusion and equity we all need, we must give balanced relational deference and honor to folx who carry a greater density of survivorship, or who are the least protected and still survive, sobreviamos! The greatest equity will emerge from cultivating increased accountability for those of us who have been surviving via protection of systems of violence.