Your team is ready for anti-oppressive nervous system training when you are committed to:

Creating sustainable and equitable service implementation & team collaboration

Increasing and deepening your trauma sensitivity

Centering the wisdom of survivorship in your organization

Diminishing the impact of white body supremacy (WBS) and the conjoined respectability politics associated with WBS

Decreasing the relational labor burden on folx of Color, and folx who embody higher densities of survivorship on your team

Increasing compassion for, and relational resonance with, the survivorship of your clients

A core component of trauma sensitive relationship building is doing the work as you and your team are ready and at a pace that supports sustainable integration of the work. Thus, multiple options exist for partnering with me in this work:

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On the Phone

Introductory Experience

1-2 day training options


Foundation Laying

& Deconstruction

8 half-day trainings over

3-4 months


Resiliency Building & Systems


6 months of training and consultation with team members and leadership


Sustainable Implementation

for the Long Game

1 year of training and consultation with team members and leadership



You will receive training and consultation in the following topics, and access to the pivotal practices of equitable power sharing (the depth of content will be co-designed dependent on time commitment to collaboration):

The Nervous System of Survival

Polyvagal Function

Breathing Amidst Oppression & Trauma Sensitive Breath

Body-Brain Connection & Trauma Sensitive Movement

Understanding Interlocking Systems of Oppression- Somatic Mathematics

The Badassery of Survivorship

Deferring to the Density of Survivorship & Creating a Trauma Sensitive/Consent-Based Culture

Co-liberation & Anti-oppressive Co-laboration

Accessibility Structure

Pricing is negotiated in an equitable way to increase access to the work, and is based on size of team, length of time in working together, and your organization’s access to social capital. To schedule an initial consult please email me at


I am committed to economic transparency, generative economics, equitable access, and justice-centric investments. Your investment in my services will be re-invested in local and international justice based organizations, and BIQTPOC individuals committed to the r/evolution.


Note- This work is in constant evolution, and I am fully open to feedback, questions, or inquiry. Trauma happens in relationship, and is healed in relationship. Please feel welcome to contact me directly at to schedule, or regarding any feedback, questions or guidance you may have.