These services are designed for folx who work best one-on-one and/or are interested in exploring the impacts of interlocking systems of oppression interpersonally.

  • Intentionally designed to support you to release patterns of breath/movement/thought that are embedded via our survivorship of systems of oppression, and to create a trauma sensitive relationship with yourself and your world.

  • Sessions are an integrated mixture of embodiment-based info on the function of your nervous system, and breath/movement practices integrated with some verbal processing to integrate a sustainable relationship with the badassery of your survivorship.

  • I specialize in queer and trans-attuned care and servicios en Español. I’m sex, body, kink and poly positive (I do offer some couples care).

Therapeutic Services

Image by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlba
  • I’m available for professional consultation and supervision for folx who are currently working in the mental health, public health, medical services, or social services, and activism sectors; and who are interested in doing a deeper dive into the body-based understanding of complex trauma for their own self care, and felt-sense of efficacy in service provision.

  • If you are a WA state mental health provider looking for supervision that will count towards licensure, look no further, I’m a WA state sponsored supervisor.


  • I’m available for support in your journey and relationship with Entheogenic Plants & Psychedelics. I utilize the deep foundation of my understanding of our universal survivorship of systems of oppression and our interconnected capacities to heal in relationship with the healing technologies of plant-based medicines.

Entheogenic Plant & Psychedelic Integration

Accessibility Structure

Some sessions are covered by the insurances I’m contracted with, and others are negotiated via sliding scale.

I am committed to economic transparency, generative economics, equitable access, and justice-centric investments. Your investment in my services will be re-invested in local and international justice based organizations, and BIQTPOC individuals committed to the r/evolution.


Note- This work is in constant evolution, and I am fully open to feedback, questions, or inquiry. Trauma happens in relationship, and is healed in relationship. Please feel welcome to contact me directly at to schedule, or regarding any feedback, questions or guidance you may have.