Copy of Copy of Copy of MVP - Anti Oppre


Pausemos para recordar, that everyone is impacted by, and connected with, systems of oppression.


We’re led to believe that within these systems, some of us are victims of violence and others aren’t. This is a false binary. We are ALL surviving systems of oppression in proportion to our positionality.


What we mean here is that the parts of our identity which are protected by systems of oppression are still surviving those systems through freezing, submitting or fawning to them. Thus, we unintentionally perpetuate and participate in furthering their existence. Incluyendome a mi.

To achieve the kind of “big-picture” inclusion and equity we all need, we must give balanced relational deference and honor to folx who carry a greater density of survivorship, or who are the least protected and still survive, sobrevivamos! And the greatest equity will emerge from cultivating increased accountability for those of us who have been surviving via the protection of systems of violence.