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At this point in history, our bodies have not adequately trained to do the trauma resolution work we know is necessary, y que anhelamos hacer.


En general, we’ve learned about the impacts of complex trauma conceptually, yet have a lot of work to do as sobrevivientes, service providers and health care organizations to integrate the cuerpo-a-cuerpo and body-to-brain conversation that is at the root of shifting all thought, word, choice, actions and relationships in an anti-oppressive direction.


We need to equip our nervous systems for that work.


Aqui, you can access services I provide to support you in building foundational skills and practices in:


  • Body mechanics of trauma sensitive and anti-oppressive work, a.k.a. the tangible prep work that will support you in cultivating a nervous system capable of creating trauma sensitive and anti-oppressive relationships.


  • Movement and breath practices that tune and tone your nervous system to build trauma sensitive relationships from the bottom up, from body-to-brain.

  • A multifaceted and tangible relational framework to understand the impacts of systems of oppression on our nervous system function and relationships as a whole.


Without these body-based relational skills, we have a huge propensity to replicate and continue to code our nervous systems to perpetuate the relational patterns that keep systems of power and violence in place without even meaning to.


Our nervous systems are our root structures, nuestros raices, for effective change making. Let’s plant them purposefully, interconnectedly, and wisely!


Please feel welcome to pursue this work in the way that meets you and your team’s survivorship needs.



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