Copy of Copy of Copy of MVP - Anti Oppre

Bienvenides a Todes, Welcome Y’all! 

Mil gracias por cada elección, choice, breath, movimiento & action that you’ve embodied to be here, vivx, y presente.


This space is created for the badass survivors of, and complicit/unintentional participants in, systems of oppression... for all of us desiring to create restoration for the impacts of complex trauma.

We are here to collectively

identify the root causes of trauma & oppression.

Unwire our relationship with white body supremacy and interlocking systems of oppression

Recode an anti-oppressive and sustainably healthful relationship with our nervous systems


Acá mezclaremos, here we will mix together las esenciales de, or the essentials of epigenetics, neuroscience, breath work, body-based movement, restorative justice, and eco-systemic understandings to redesign our nervous systems. This helps us to establish the restorative and anti-oppressive connections que anhelamos.


Practicaremos cultivating the body-based resilience necessary to co-create an equitable r/evolution and assure our collective survival.

“When one can’t breathe, we all can’t breathe.”

Cada quien comienza de donde está. Each of us starts from where we presently are. Want to understand more? Excelente! Exploremos las opciones:

This is so new to me... Ayúdame comprender!


I’m hip to anti-oppressive work, but I need more guidance, a deeper understanding ...


ESTAMOS JODIXS, THE WORLD IS FUCKED! I’m ready to work hard towards unfucking it and my relationship to it!

Sticks and Stones


Image by Jeremy Bishop