*** Disclaimer/Statement of Responsibility- Morgan is actively in their own process of deep acknowledgement of the harm caused by the cultural appropriation of yogic practices by white-dominate agencies, programs, and peoples, and how that is intrinsically linked to the violent colonization of indigenous Hindu yoga practitioners, and a manifestation of the western yoga industrial complex/capitalistic commodification of yoga. Morgan is committed continuing to actively influence the leadership at the Center for Trauma and Embodiment, to take responsibility for the harm caused in calling the practice modality TC-Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and will continue to advocate for the practice to be named authentically what it is- a nueroscientifically based integrative clinical treatment model for complex trauma based in trauma sensitive movement and breath, that actively shares power and agency, with the practitioner(s).***

Trauma Center- Trauma Sensitive Yoga is an Evidence Based Practice, endorsed by SAMHSA as an integrative treatment, that effectively utilizes yoga-based movement, breath, and attention practices to facilitate the healing process of complex Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. 

TC-Trauma Sensitive Yoga- Website

TC-Trauma Sensitive Yoga offers the opportunity for trauma survivors to learn to establish a renewed capacity for interoception, and thus a renewed internal baseline of ease in their autonomic nervous system. This reorganization of the base brain's, and body's, integral contribution to PTS symptoms, offers the opportunity to holistically recover from trauma. 

The repeated use of invitational language was kind of revolutionary. It created a new way for me to practice and go about my daily life. It gave me permssion to consider what I needed, and what felt ok.
— Anonymous, Trauma Sensitive Yoga Participant