“My Personal Journey With Trauma Sensitive Yoga”

— TCTSY Series Participant, Tacoma, WA- 2015
The TC-TSY training has allowed me a practical framework to begin to introduce my clients to the idea of integrating their felt body experiences into the healing process. It has been a wonderful tool to use with people in session and to encourage them to pursue more body integrating work outside our sessions.

I think this approach has the opportunity to really break through a lot of years of talk therapy for people by giving them a practical way to increase their body’s natural healing. I would love to see more therapists made aware of this training and approach.
— Mental Health Clinician, LMFT, attendee of TC-TSY training 2016
I was impressed with Morgan’s approach to teaching TC-TSY to our yoga teacher training cohort- both her style of teaching and use of language were trauma-sensitive and she made complex neuroscience accessible and understandable for the average person.

Within my yoga teacher training group it meant the world to me to feel honored and valued for my trauma history, rather than shamed and embarrassed. TC-TSY had a definite impact on the culture of our teacher training cohort, as people realized the impact of trauma on the brain and body AND that they could facilitate the possibility of healing through the way they approached teaching their future classes.

Morgan is passionate about her work and is highly skilled at training others in a way that allows the possibility for them to actually experience what she’s teaching. She exudes sensitivity to trauma, and really shines as a trainer!
— Certified Peer Counselor & Yoga Teacher, participated in TC-TSY Yoga Teacher Training Module, 2015
Helps to feel one’s own power and control over themselves. Works on being in touch with yourself.
— TCTSY Participant, 2015