ONe-on-one Trauma SEnsitive Breath and movement therapeutic sessions

Scheduled collaboratively. 

During one-on-one sessions I work with survivors at their own pace through a variety of body-based, invitatory, and present-moment oriented practices. These practices offer survivors the opportunity to understand how their body has been impacted by surviving the fucked up shit that they have been through in life, and breath-by-breath facilitate the possibility of connecting to the neurological mechanisms inherently available in your body to thrive.

Accessibility is a core value of trauma sensitive therapeutic processing, thus any movement or breath practices will be offered in a way that survivors can always choose how little or how much they might want to move, and in what way. Participants can choose to access movement through seated movement practices, walking, yoga-based movements, and any other modality that is effective and empowering for them to re-connect with their body as a resource for healing.  

Via practicing feeling authentic, present-moment, body sensations & choosing to move and breathe in a way that feels effective, survivors will learn how to heal the neurological wound of complex trauma, through learning to depend less on the survival mechanisms of their nervous systems, and layer by layer build a relationship with their capacity to create ease in their body and mind.



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TSY helped me begin to realize who I am inside. It was new and difficult, but taught me that things can be different and better. It helped me slow down enough to breathe and not worry about the future, stay present.
— TSY Participant

Helps to feel one’s own power and control over themselves. Works on being in touch with yourself.
— TSY participant

It was helpful to be given the opportunity to do what felt best for me. To pay real attention to how it felt.
— TSY participant